On the Road Again

I really enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay Area!  That being said, I’ll be moving to a new place next month.  It’s a blessing to have an exciting life that enables me to move to great locations around the country.  It’s hard at the same time.  I’ve become attached to my apartment, my community, the people and great national parks out here.  I’m just getting started at my job and am sad to have to leave it so soon after starting.  I plan on doing as much local “site-seeing” as I can in the next six weeks.  I’ll be venturing through Yosemite National Park two more times, Napa Valley one or two more times (maybe more), taking several day trips to San Francisco and lots of lovely places in between. 

This has caused me to ponder the meaning of “home.”  Home is more than a house, but it’s also more than just “where your heart is.”  It’s in the places and things that become part of  your everyday life.  The things you take for granted which weave together all your moments here and there.  It’s the butcher at the grocery store that always smiles as he serves you.  It’s the local jam and flower sales lady at the farmers’ market.  It’s the dog park down the road and around the corner.  It’s the tree that you always notice on your drive home.  So, in a few weeks I’ll be rearranging my definition of home again.  It’ll be new roads and buildings, people and parks, jobs and neighbors.  I’m holding off on my goodbyes until the end, and then it’s on to a new adventure!

Golden Gate Bridge


One thought on “On the Road Again

  1. I love the way you define “home”. It’s so very true. And soon you’ll make your new place your home and will always look back fondly on the places you’ve loved before. Enjoy the rest of your time in San Fran!

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