It’s just one of those days…

It’s just one of those days…(that makes me think of the Limp Biscuit song, hehe.)

I have so much to be thankful for and so many great things in my life.  I wish I had more people to share them with, though.  I’m living in a beautiful place with amazing weather and endless opportunities for fun and excitement.  The down side is that (besides my amazingly wonderful, handsome, loving husband) I have no one to share it with. 

There seem to only be a few solutions to this problem. 

  1. My family and friends move to the west coast so we can be closer.
  2. My family and friends fly out to the west coast for a fun-filled visit (or two…or three.)
  3. I get a job which helps me meet people….hopefully developing friendships.  Then, I will have new friends that I can have fun with.

So….it looks like the most do-able choice is for me to get a job and meet people!  I’m thinking of contacting a temp agency.  I seriously hope that will pick me up out of the dumps.  Being home all day by myself simply isn’t good for my mental health.  I need some outside stimulation for my brain.  A job might be the perfect thing.

I’m also wanting to start selling prints of my photography.  I’ve considered Etsy as a way to have an online marketplace booth.  I’m just not sure….

So, if anyone would like to come to the beach for a vacation, I’d absolutely love the company.  Also, I’d love to help you spruce up your walls with a print from my ever-growing photo collection.



One thought on “It’s just one of those days…

  1. Aw Mel… it’s so hard to get adjusted to a new city. I know I’m just now starting to feel a little comfortable, and it’s mostly because of my restaurant job. And when I’m home, I just love my beautiful prints you sent me, so I think that is a brilliant idea!

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