I need some inspiration. The wall is getting painted. 13.6 pounds.

Lately, I feel that I don’t have a creative bone in my body.  I haven’t taken any photos in weeks, and my scrapbook hasn’t had any page additions since July.  I’m at a loss for ways to spice up and decorate the apartment.  Where has my imagination gone!?!  I need to find it.

In other news, I’m looking into buying a Kindle or Nook as an e-reader.  I’m not sure why I really feel the need for one of these electronic books, since I buy less than 10 books a year.  Maybe I should just wait until my shopping urge dies down and save myself a couple hundred bucks.

I’ve lost 10.2 pounds since May.  While this is good, my goal was to have lost fifteen pounds by today.  Oh, well.  It’s still a victory.  I’m setting a new goal for weight loss that I plan to reach by the end of 2010.  My goal is to lose 13.6 pounds.  It is a reasonable goal that I know I can accomplish.  My previous goal of fifteen pounds would have been met if I had not gone so off course on my eating plan this past month.  13.6 pounds/16 weeks = 0.85 pounds per week that I will be aiming to shed.  Wish me luck!  More importantly, wish me self control!!!

The feeling of homesickness has been paying me some visits these past few weeks.  I know that’s just part of living away from family, and I’ve accepted it.  Still, it’s not a fun feeling.  Luckily, I have a fantastic get-away planned!  It isn’t for a few more months, but it is definitely giving me a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Painters will be here soon to add a little color to one of the walls in my dining room.  Maybe this will be the boost I’ve been looking for in the creativity department.  I hope so!   Well, I’m off to run some errands.