Two Words



That is me.  I wake up hungry.  I eat three good meals each day.  There are snacks incorporated throughout my day on top of that.  You’d think I could go two hours without having that empty stomach feeling.  Then again, maybe you’ve been pregnant before and are laughing at me for knowing that I shouldn’t expect that.

As for naps, there is a fine line between too much rest and not enough.  I’ve found the key is in the timing.  Going back to bed early in the morning (between 6-9) seems to work best.  Even later morning naps have worked out well for me, as long as I’m up before noon and don’t nap for too long.  I’ve already made the mistake of napping in the evening.  Napping from 3-5 P.M. means not being able to sleep through the night.  Trust me when I saw that iPhone apps can only keep you occupied for a limited amount of time. 

Today we had snow.  I’m still waiting to see the official snowfall accumulation measurements, but a layer of white is covering the ground, trees, cars and roofs.  It’s April 18th!  Why the heck are we getting snow? 

 According to my “What to Expect” app, le petit bebe’s gestational age is 5 weeks 6 days.  That means week seven starts tomorrow.  I’m thrilled that I haven’t had any “morning sickness.”  To feel well for my flight this weekend would be excellent!

Getting back to the subject of food, we had a wonderful breakfast Saturday morning at our favorite local restaurant, Zingerman’s Roadhouse.  How else could this Southern girl celebrate other than with food? 

Gosh, I love that man!


5 thoughts on “Two Words

  1. So if you’re taking morning naps from 6-9… what in the world time do you wake up in the morning? I’m lucky if I can get myself up by 8 am (unless I have somewhere to be…) I suppose that’s what working night jobs does to ya! I hope your little pea baby doesn’t make you sick for your flight!!

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