Heading Home for a Holiday

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In two days I’ll be on a plane headed to Louisiana!  This trip was planned before I was pregnant, but this makes it an even better homecoming!  I’m looking forward to seeing lots of family, some dear friends and eating some CRAWFISH!  That is my #1 food goal for this trip.  Since seafood is known to be a dangerous source of mercury, I did some research to find out if crawfish is considered a safe food for pregnant women.  I am VERY happy to announce that it is on the recommended seafood to eat.  Much of this has to do with it being lower on the food chain.  (Mercury is a bioaccumulative substance.)  That is obviously not the only factor in determining a safe seafood option, since oysters are on the list of seafood to avoid, but it is generally a good start.

In planning for my trip, I’ve decided I need to pack a few healthy snacks for the flight.  I’ll need something to nibble on and keep my stomach from feeling too empty.  When my belly is rumbly from hunger I start to feel slightly queasy, so so simple preparation should solve that problem. 

Warm weather and green plants are calling my name.  Since moving to the Midwest I’ve developed a new appreciation for those.  It’s amazing how many months can feel like winter here!  We had snow this week, so you can imagine.  We also have several gray and windy days.  Blah.  Still, life is good and I’m happy to say that my biggest complaint is the weather…such a minor problem in a world full of hurt and struggle.

This week, according to What to Expect, our baby is the size of a blueberry.  Maybe I’ll start calling it that 🙂 

The hubs and I started considering some names.  Yes, we have lots of time to decide, but its fun to think about!  We like Ezra and Luke Alexander for boy names.  For girl options, I’m having a hard time finding names that I like.  I like Grace, Caroline, and Rosario, but I’m just not as crazy about girl names.  Of course, its possible that none of these names will make the final cut.  They are just the first ones we’ve considered and the only ones I can remember now.  (**I think I’d rather not have too much advice from others about the name.  I want it feel like our choice, and I don’t want others’ preferences swaying me on this.  I hope you understand.)

I’ll be gone from Saturday to Saturday, and will have my first appointment with the doctor the Monday after my return.  Hubs has lovingly taken off work to join me for the appointment.  What a great guy.  If you are wondering, that man is awesome!  He has always taken great care of me, and he’s only stepped it up further since we discovered I am pregnant.  He is one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I just know he’s going to make a great dad.  Anyway, I just wanted to brag about him a little 😉

One important thing I’d like to share with you is a link to an amazing resource for toxicity levels in cosmetic products (including deodorant, perfumes, makeup, soap, shampoo, and more.)  Here’s a link to an article about general guidelines to choosing less harmful products. http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/top-tips-for-safer-products/#your_teeth I highly recommend checking out some of the items you use daily.  It will blow your mind when you find out how little these daily products are regulated and how much potential damage we could be doing to ourselves, our unborn children and the environment.  I know that may sound a little radical, hippy-like or just plain nuts, but I’m happy to have this resource.  I’ll share some product reviews and opinions in future blog posts.

Have a wonderfully blessed Easter, friends!  What greater gift could we be given than full payment for our sins and the offer to have eternal life with the Creator of the universe and Lover of our souls.  Wow!


5 thoughts on “Heading Home for a Holiday

  1. Mel… first off… I’m really shocked that “Brittany” hasn’t made the cut for names you’re considering… 😉

    Also, you don’t sound hippy dippy or weird! I’m definitely checking that out. I’m reading “Eating Animals” right now, and it’s amazing how uneducated we are as Americans about the things we put on and in our bodies. It’s made me, the girl who would choose a delicious Medium Rare filet over a piece of cake, a vegetarian… so, I appreciate the info for sure! I recommend your reading it, too. Not because I’m trying to convert you to a vegetarian, but because it’s a really interesting read–I would think especially from the viewpoint of an expectant parent. (The author decided to investigate the meat industry when he found out he would soon be having a little baby boy, and he wanted to know what he would be feeding his kiddo.) Anyway, sorry that was so long and rambly–all that to say that I think we can all stand a little more education about what we, as consumers, buy and use; furthermore, what that money is supporting!

    • That sounds like a good book. I’ll have to check it out. I don’t crave meat much, so I actually think I could do the vegetarian thing. I only ask that I can keep diary, eggs and seafood 😉 I like your rambly-ness!

  2. i LOVE the boy names you chose! Working at Alta Bates has opened my eyes to a myriad of names, and i’m happy to report that the ones you chose are quiet unique yet traditional and lovely sounding.

  3. Love the blog, Mel! I hope I get to see you while you’re down here. I’m glad you’re coming in to nola! Give me a ring on Tuesday and hopefully we can meet up or you are more than welcome to come sit on our porch/sun room and enjoy some sweet tea or lemonade (no alchi for you!) like an ol’ southern belle.
    OR dba on Frenchmen is nice on Tuesdays since there are little tourists and the jazz club has gone smoke free! Let me know what’s up! I’d love to see you!

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