Surprise Photo Session for Little Spot

On Monday I went to my second doctor’s appointment for little Spot.  I wasn’t worried, but it is a little nerve-wracking to not know how things are progressing for the little one.  I can’t feel the baby’s movements yet, and it’s not like I have a window into its “home” to see what it’s doing. 

My blood test results (from last visit’s blood draw) were all good.  The only thing I need to really watch is my iron, which is on the low end of normal.  My blood pressure is low but not too low.  I’m gaining weight, and will need to make sure that continues at a slow and steady rate.

The doctor (are they considered doctors when in residency?) brought in the Doppler to find Spot’s heartbeat.  We only heard some static-like noises, so she left to retrieve an ultrasound machine.  I knew it was possible the heartbeat would be hard to find, yet it’s still unsettling when it isn’t found.  Luckily the doctor was only gone a few minutes and then the ultrasound was underway.  She quickly had my baby up on the screen.  We saw the heart beating, and Spot even gave us a short acrobatics show 😉

Since I’m not having any complications my next appointment is six weeks from now.  That’s a long time to wait, but I’m glad things are going so smoothly.  Maybe I’ll start to look pregnant instead of bloated/fat soon.  I might be able to feel the baby move before my next appointment, too!

Without further ado, here is Spot’s newest photo.  The big head is obviously to accommodate Spot’s genius mind, and I’m so glad to see my baby is starting to look human 🙂

My Little Spot

I think it looks like me! What do you think?

Size update:  Depending on which site I check, Spot is either the size of a lemon or a medium shrimp at roughly three inches long.


5 thoughts on “Surprise Photo Session for Little Spot

  1. Oh my gosh!! YOU HAVE A REAL BABY INSIDE YOU!!! Ack! I can’t wait to see you in just a few days and hug you (and spot via you). I’m so glad you and Spot are healthy and well!!!

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