17.5 weeks

Wow!  How did I get this close to the 1/2 way mark already?  Our baby is about 5 1/2 inches long from crown to rump and weighs around 6 ounces.  It’s incredible that our baby was only the size of a poppy-seed 14 weeks ago. 

In less than two weeks we have our big ultrasound appointment.  The doctors will carefully look at the baby from head to toe to find if everything is developing well.  We also might find out the sex at this appointment.  I haven’t decided if we’ll announce that bit of information immediately.  It would be kind of nice to have it as our own little secret for a while 🙂  I’ve shared everything else up to this point.

My parents came to visit us last week.  Showing them our town and hang out spots was fun.  We sure did eat well (or a lot) while they were here!  This baby will certainly not be malnourished!

I’m working on our baby registry.  If anyone has suggestions for things they thought were absolutely necessary with their kids (or kids they saw grow up) or things that were a waste of money and not used, I’d love to hear them!  I’m having a hard time picking a playard.  There are so many to pick from.  I guess I need to take another trip to the store to see them in person and really inspect the features and designs.



3 thoughts on “17.5 weeks

  1. from Alta Bates, I learned some useful things to have were:
    A Bumbo
    A Boppy
    Swaddling wraps
    Those baby gowns with the elastic at the ends (potato sack gowns)

    Not useful:
    too many newborn clothes
    baby shoes

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