It’s a…

I wasn’t going to share this information yet, but I’ve changed my mind since so many of you have asked what we’re having.

We went to the hospital for our anatomy scan/20-week ultrasound on Thursday.  It was so exciting to see our baby moving on the screen as the technician passed the transducer probe across my belly.  We saw ten fingers and ten toes!   All the measurements taken led to the doctor’s announcement that everything was developing on schedule.  It came as a surprise to me that the entire ultrasound portion of the appointment only took about 20 minutes.  I’d read previously that these appointments could easily last two to three times that long.  Maybe it was quick because all the measurements showed on-traget growth and nothing had to be rechecked.  The technician asked us if we wanted to know what we’re having.  We told her we wanted to know!  When she broke the news to us we were so excited.  We’re going to have…a baby!  (I was really pulling for a unicorn, but I know I’ll be just as happy with a baby.)  You didn’t really think I was going to spill the beans, did you?

We’re still just saying “Spot.”  We haven’t decided on a name yet.


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