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Week 26

Today starts week 26 (which is the same as saying I’m 25 weeks, 0 days pregnant!)¬† Time is flying!¬† I’m excited to be¬†heading home for some baby showers/gender reveal parties in just about a week.¬† It will be so nice to visit with friends and family face to face.¬† I’ll be in my third trimester on the trip!¬† Wow!¬† I really hope it cools down a little before I travel.¬† The weather here has been so nice (50’s-80’s,) and I’m not sure how I’ll handle the humid 90’s.¬†

Things I need to do before my trip:

  • get a hair cut
  • order photos to begin the 2010 and 2011 scrapbooking process
  • pack
  • refill printer’s black¬†ink cartridge

Things I will need to do after my trip and before baby arrives:

  • scrapbook 2010¬† and 2011 (If I don’t do it before the baby arrives, it may never get done!)
  • purchase¬†necessary baby items
  • do a major cleaning on the entire apartment, going through everything we own and getting as organized as possible
  • find an outfit for our maternity shoot in October
  • attend birthing class
  • pick out and purchase a new computer (not sure if I should get a laptop or another desktop)
  • pick out and purchase a new printer
  • find an outfit for my sister-in-law’s wedding in November
  • turn 26
  • have remote starter installed on my car
  • get new tires before the snow starts
  • do all the Christmas shopping
  • buy a Christmas tree
  • decorate for Christmas
  • get one last hair cut, because who knows how long it’ll take me to get back to the salon once baby’s here
  • enjoy these last months of pregnancy with some quality time with the hubby

So, what do you think?  Am I forgetting something important on my to-do list?

Here’s a photo of my “bump” from last week.¬† It’s getting bigger!

Week 25

Our Weekend in Chicago

Sitting Area, The Wheeler Mansion

Last weekend we went to Chicago for the first time.¬† The weather was warm and humid, but we’ve seen worse!¬† The highlight of our trip was getting to visit with some of our good friends from the West Coast.¬† Sadly, I don’t have a picture of all of us together to share.¬† The six of us went to a Cubs baseball game at Wrigley Field on Friday.¬† We enjoyed the typical stadium food (greasy, pricy & totally unhealthy.)¬†

Once our friends left town we ventured out for dinner and found a fun tapas restaurant called Tapas Valencia.¬† We tried 9 different foods, and they were all good ūüôā¬† I loved that we got to try small amounts of a big variety of dishes.¬†

The next day we went to the Field Museum.  This museum is right across from Soldier Field, the stadium where the Bears play football.  My favorite exhibit was of the dinosaur fossils.  The building was beautiful, and we spent several hours wandering around the three floors of exhibits.

A friendly stranger took our picture.

"Sue" is the most complete T-Rex skeleton found to date.


After exploring the museum we walked back to our hotel, which was very charming. We stayed at the Wheeler Mansion, which is a refurbished old home that now serves as a boutique hotel. The bed was very large and the mattress was one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve slept on at a hotel. The bathroom was lovely and had a shower tiled in marble. My main complaint is that we had no personal room thermostat, so we were very warm at times.

Feeling refreshed after a much-needed¬†rest, we headed back out for dinner and to explore the city a bit¬†more. Dinner was at Lou Malnati’s. We had the Chicago Deep Dish pizza (that’s supposedly great,) but it was just very average in my opinion. I actually like the pizza from our local grocery store better! However, our grocery store is pretty awesome.

before dinner at Lou Malnati's

After dinner we took the train to the Magnificent Mile part of town and walked around. I found some maternity clothes at Forever 21 and had ice cream at Ghirardelli. I was disappointed to find out the ice cream they use is not made by them but just a common ice cream brand.

My overall impression of Chicago is that it’s not a bad city, but it doesn’t have anything unique to offer.¬† I prefer New York City, San Francisco and New Orleans when it comes to visiting cities.¬† I’m glad I got the chance to see a new place, but I don’t have plans to return to Chicago.

Pad Thai & The Evolving Wardrobe

The local Thai restaurant that I used to stop at for a quick fix to my Pad Thai cravings has closed.¬† To cope with this I’ve decided to make¬†Pad Thai.¬† Tomorrow is the day I’ll put my culinary skills to the test on this dish.¬† I sure hope it turns out well!

Last week I bought some maternity clothes.¬† Lots of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit, but they are getting snug and¬† options for outfits are dwindling.¬† I also purchased a few non-pregnancy dresses.¬† These can be worn now as well as after the baby, weather permitting.¬† Dresses are much more comfortable than pants because they don’t present the tight waistband issue.¬†

In the following photo I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes, but they may not work for much longer.¬† That belly is visibly getting bigger each week!¬† (I’m glad I kept some of my “fat” pants, because they have come in handy as transition pieces from normal to maternity clothes.)

¬†Since I haven’t put a picture of future-big brother up here in a while, here you go!

Our First "Baby"