Pad Thai & The Evolving Wardrobe

The local Thai restaurant that I used to stop at for a quick fix to my Pad Thai cravings has closed.  To cope with this I’ve decided to make Pad Thai.  Tomorrow is the day I’ll put my culinary skills to the test on this dish.  I sure hope it turns out well!

Last week I bought some maternity clothes.  Lots of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit, but they are getting snug and  options for outfits are dwindling.  I also purchased a few non-pregnancy dresses.  These can be worn now as well as after the baby, weather permitting.  Dresses are much more comfortable than pants because they don’t present the tight waistband issue. 

In the following photo I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes, but they may not work for much longer.  That belly is visibly getting bigger each week!  (I’m glad I kept some of my “fat” pants, because they have come in handy as transition pieces from normal to maternity clothes.)

 Since I haven’t put a picture of future-big brother up here in a while, here you go!

Our First "Baby"


6 thoughts on “Pad Thai & The Evolving Wardrobe

    • He’s still his n0rmal self. Sometimes I wonder if he knows I’m pregnant, but I don’t think he does. Maybe he’ll figure out something is up before December.

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