Baby E

Life with baby Ezra is getting easier and more enjoyable each week.  I think we have finally adjusted to our new life as parents.  It took several weeks, but we are now getting decent amounts of sleep most nights.  Ezra wakes up one or two times at night to nurse, but otherwise has slept pretty soundly.  It’s amazing how big a difference getting rest makes in your day!

E is growing well and has received his first big round of shots.  He had a tongue tie clipped, which has helped his efficiency with nursing.  I think he may have a lip tie, so  we are trying to get an appointment with his doctor scheduled to get that checked.

Our winter has been much milder than last winter.  Praise God!  The warmer temperatures have allowed us to get out of the house with baby E much easier.  The roads have been relatively easy to drive on with the lesser amount of ice and snow this year.

Cooper has adjusted to life with his little brother, also.  We think he will become really interested in baby E once solid foods appear on the menu.  For now Cooper shows interest but knows to be gentle.

Here are some photos from January.  Enjoy 🙂


One thought on “Baby E

  1. Glad you’re back to blogging! I so enjoy keeping up with you through all of your photos on facebook, and I’m so happy you’ll be writing a bit, as well. I’m sure in years to come you’ll be grateful as well! Love ya, Mel!

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