Chairein, friends!  The Greek translation of this word means “joy to you.”  I love that!  Hearing this really spoke to me.  Beth Moore says that joy is our birthright and cannot be taken away from us.  This message seems pretty fitting to share with you considering the subtitle for my blog is “Finding joy in the everyday moments.”  I discovered this word while participating in week two of Beth Moore’s study of James (James: Mercy Triumphs.)  Chairein is the original Greek word that was translated to “greetings” in James 1:1.

A verse I’ve had on my wall for a few months now is Psalm 126:3.  “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.”  I guess it’s safe to say that JOY is my theme for this year.  

I’m excited to learn more in this Bible study.  I never realized that James (author of the book of the Bible, James) is Jesus’s brother.  More accurately, he’s Jesus’s half-brother.  They share the same mother, Mary, but have different fathers.  James’s father is Joseph, and Jesus’s father is God.  I’m sure many new things will be revealed to me as I continue this series.

Something I’m thankful for this morning is a second night in a row of baby E getting six consecutive hours of sleep.  With that I’ll leave you with a closing greeting.  Chairein!  (Pronounced Ki Rain)


2 thoughts on “Chairein

  1. Hello. I am just discovering your blog and love your encouraging words. I stumbled upon this one and it took me back to when I went through the Beth Moore study and also wrote a post entitled Chairein. Thanks for stopping by my post this morning too! Blessings! Robin

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