How is it almost August?

For as slowly as the beginning of the year drug on, this summer has flown by!  I guess that has to do with the weather being warm and sunny and parenthood coming a little more naturally now.  E now has three teeth in, and the fourth tooth is showing signs of emerging any day now.  He’s been pretty miserable with his sore gums, so we’re hopeful that he will get some relief soon.  His sleeping habits have gone from wonderful (6-8 hours straight many nights) to awful (up every 45 minutes to an hour some nights…like last night.)

July 2012

Besides the teething our little guys is happy most of the time.  He is busy crawling, pulling himself up on everything he can get to, “cruising” around the furniture, and most shockingly CLIMBING!  Yesterday we saw him climb on top of a box.  He is more of a handful each day!  I didn’t expect him to be this mobile at just seven months old.  He will be an earlier walker than I was, I’m sure.  I didn’t walk until a year old.

We are slowly packing up and getting ready for our move at the end of the summer.  As much as I wasn’t thrilled about moving to Michigan, we’ve made some good friends that we’ll be sad to leave.  However, we won’t miss those frigid winters!

E is waking up, so that’s all for this post.

June 2012