Memorial Weekend

The three of us (make that four, since Cooper tagged along) took advantage of our three day weekend together.  Saturday we ventured to Grand Rapids.  It was like a ghost town when we arrived shortly before lunch time.  We spent the first part of the day at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.  I really didn’t know much about the man, so it was a great chance for me to add to my knowledge of American presidents.  I thought it was pretty interesting that he wasn’t voted in as President OR Vice President, yet he became the President of the United States!

The other museum we visited on Saturday was the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts.  Ezra sure is getting exposed to some cool stuff!  There were some wacky exhibits at this museum, but we enjoyed the unusual and unique perspectives of the artists showcased at this stop.


Here’s where our plans didn’t finish up as we’d hoped.  A Red Hot Chili Peppers concert was taking place that night (unknown to us until we saw the crowds forming,) so the town was flooded with concert-goers.  Every place we considered for dinner had crowds of drunk smokers congregating near the doors, and it just wasn’t the family-friendly environment we wanted.  So, we walked to the hotel, picked up the truck and drove to the next town for a dinner at Chili’s.  All-in-all it was a good day, even with the snags in our plans.

Sunday we drove west to the shore.  Lake Michigan is supposedly beautiful, but we only got glimpses of it.  Whereas the California coast is easily viewed from a considerable distance due to the sparse trees and elevated, rocky shoreline, the West Michigan coast is blocked from view by the dense trees and flat terrain.  We were able to take a trail to a vista point of the beach, and what we saw looked like a nice place to layout and get some sun.

On our way back home we stopped in Kalamazoo.  We planned on having lunch at Bell’s Brewery, but between having the baby and the dog being with us, we sadly resigned to Burger King.  Our next vacation will probably be dog-free so we can have a few less hindrances on venue selection, be it hotels or restaurants.  While traveling with the baby can be fun, it does change what types of things we do, too.  Of course, having a baby changes everything!

I came across a Trace Adkins song that reminded me to enjoy each day for what it brings…because I’m “going to miss this.”

Monday, Memorial Day, the three of us (Cooper stayed home this day) went to a friend’s house to barbecue and let the kids play in a kiddie pool.  All three couples had children, ranging from two and a half months to two years.  It was nice to be around a group that didn’t mind if the conversation turned to “kid stuff.”  Ha ha!  How quickly our topics of conversation have changed since becoming parents!

Ezra enjoyed his first time in a pool.  He liked splashing and I think he enjoyed the cooling effect of the water on such a hot day.  Another first for the little guy was getting his first teeth in.  His dad and I guessed a few months back when he’d get his first tooth/teeth.  I guessed at six months, and his dad guessed by Memorial Day.  Dad was right on the money!  Yesterday and today have been challenging for us, as the little guy has been crying and uncomfortable with his teeth continuing to come in.  I wonder how long this will last.